What do you think of the striking similarity between Kate's Royal Wedding dress and the gown worn by?

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What do you think of the striking similarity between Kate's Royal Wedding dress and the gown worn by?

Post  mrblack0301 on Sat Nov 05, 2011 11:26 pm

Both classic dresses....both beautiful. In later years, after she had gotten some help from the folks at Vogue and really developed a very chic, classic fashion style....Diana said that she wished she had chosen a totally different kind of wedding dress....that hers had been a massive fashion mistake.....too overdone, too much dress, too much everything. People also tend to forget that a lot of the outfits Diana wore when she was first married....were also mistakes. It was only later, after she got some professional help from Vogue and other top fashion professionals....that she was able to develop a classic, sleek style that is so becoming.You can choose Evening Dresses 2011,Plus Size Evening Dresses,Prom Dresses Under 100 from GoodGoodsChina.com. Kate seems to have already spent the time developing a sleek, clean, classic style. Hurray!!! Some things really can't be "improved" on....a classic men's tuxedo, a classic men's finely tailored suit, clean, classic clothes for women (Chanel suits, simple tailored great clothing like Diana wore). Usually....fads and goop wind up looking just messy and a total mistake. They are similar from what I can see. But that niece's dress looks like a cheap Chinese copy of another designer dress. Although Catherine's dress has been made much later, it is of a much better quality as I look at it from these pics.You can choose Prom Dresses Under 200,Prom Dresses 2011 ,Ivory Flower Girl Dresses from GoodGoodsChina.com. I believe that niece looks a bit cheap with that tacky blue tiara and cheap lace. Everything from her make-up, hair style etc. looks the small town bride going big city, carrying a Disney mind. When I first saw Catherine swanning down the aisle in the Abbey, I thought she was very elegant and classy and classic, Martial Arts School Brisbane
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and my first thought was: oh, it reminds me of Princess Grace's dress!


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