Very relaxing and makes you want to hear the rest.

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Very relaxing and makes you want to hear the rest.

Post  slavinzing56 on Sat Jul 09, 2011 8:11 am

Track 1: Pioneer to the Falls (8/10)
Great slowly winding up start to a great album. Very relaxing and makes you want to hear the rest.

Track 2: No I In Threesome (8.5/10)
Good second track, fits well. Song keeps that Interpol sound. Not a standout track but still among there best.

Track 3: The Scale (8.75/10)
Catchy song, with good riffs and back beat. Gets ready for the next song on the album very well.

Track 4: The Heinrich Maneuver (9.25/10)
My second favorite on the album. A very upbeat song which gets you very into it. Good baseline and beat.

Track 5: Mammoth (8/10)
Not the most standout album on the track but still pretty good. Works well in the order of the tracks.

Track 6: Place Is Trick (7.75/10)
Good track but not nearly as strong as most others on album. Good prequal to All Fired Up.

Track 7: All Fired Up (9/10)
Great upbeat song. The title really means what it says. This track willl definitely get you "all fired up".

Track 8: Rest My Chemistry (9.5/10)
Easily the best track on here. Tells good story of the lead singers life and what he plans to do. Reminds me slightly of some early Pink Floyd songs.

Track 9: What Do You Think? (8/10)
Good track, thats a big change from Rest My Chemistry. Last upbeat or faster song on album, and does a good job at that.

Track 10: Wrecking Ball (8/10)
Good song, slowing album down Should be last track, since it would wind up album very well.

Track 11: The Lighthouse (6/10)
The position of this track fits, but is not the most creative or best sounding tracks in my opinion. Wrecking ball should have the last spot.


Overall Score: 90.75/110 (B+/A-)

Reason: One of my favorite albums out. Is pretty much great the entire way through. Interpol keeps making better and better music from there already great 2 albums. It is definitely worth checking out if you want to listen to a solid album.

Ps: And of coarse the album cover is absolutely amazing!
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